Portuguese Guy

Met a Portuguese guy at breakfast club. Really cute little guy and a great dancer. He was totally into me without drinking one sip of alcohol. I was kinda excited. A good looking sweet guy how doesn't have to be drunk to think i'm hot. Sounds good to me. He text messaged me nice things the whole next day so I set up a second date for last night. I went on the date.. man was it boring. It was me trying to start a conversation while he would give a quick answer and then we would sit in silence until I asked another questions. Nothing flooded and it was really boring. He actually said he doesn't like to talk. Not that he is shy and needs to get to know someone just in plain he doesn't like to talk. I ended the date and when I got home I received several text messages. One saying how hot I am... then the next saying, when do I get to see your move or do I have to wait. If I have to wait is it worth the wait. Umm is that the nicer way of saying do you put out on the second date. NICE!! Thanks for thinking of me as just a piece of meat. Hopefully tonight with denver goes better. This date I probably won't even get a word in... but at least I know he isn't all about sex on a first date.

Dexter not so nice.

So after talking about this hot guy I was seeing, I wanted everyone to meet him. All my friends were at jenks and joined by him and his friends. The beginning of the night was great.. we were dating, flirting and he even called me his girlfriend. Three more drinks in he is hitting on my one friend ignoring me and then hitting on every girl at the bar. He had a fight with his brother who then stormed out of the bar.. I confronted him which caused more drama.. I told him he can't meet up with me and then ignore me all night, picking up every girl at the bar. I heard him while he was leaving loudly talking to some girl asking why is it if he talks to other girls he is an asshole.. he was saying that's not right. So because he loves drama.. guess part of that bi-polar personality. He called 3 times. 1st message just yelling in the phone, 2nd message Shut up you fat bitch, and last the 3rd message, after all of his friends left and he calmed down, What did I do wrong, call me. Life is complicated enough I don't want someone in my life who doesn't respect me and has an issue with temper and drinking.. so.. i have not called him. I'm sure its keeping him up crying at night.. YEAH RIGHT.


So Halloween came and I went to Bar-A first to a free happy hour. Then I did shots with the guy Mike who's happy hour it was that night. Then I went to the Party House to meet up with Sandy and her roommate. We all did shots and went to Headliner. At Headliner I was drunk and meet a guy. He had a clown mask but it was in his pocket, so really he just had lots of blood on a white tee shirt. He looked like Dexter. We danced had a fun time. We have hung out a few times and I just don't know where we stand. We hang out, have fun together but I keep feeling like we don't really know each other.. I just feel like he is not comfortable around me.. Its a strange feeling.

Radio Show Dating Game

So I went to the show expecting 3 guys and 3 girls, expecting free dinner and drinks like promissed.. Well there were 7 girls and only 2 guys.. So they tried to call other guys to come. 2 more guys came. So 2 hours later we left for the bar. They told one of the girls she couldn't do the show because there were to many of us.. so there were 6 girls 4 guys and 2 wpst workers.. squeezing into a 10 person limo. Tons of fun. Got to the katmandu which is now a black and mexican bar.. where every step you take you get your ass grabbed or hand pulled... There were no free drinks... And one appetizer for all 12 of us to share that was not allowed to be touched until 10 mins before we left, around 11. Anyway, the guys all seemed nice in the beginning.. a bald firefighter, a 40 year old weatherman, 2 sons of the spa company. The spa trip is the winning prize if you match with a date.. So anyway, everyone was nice.. until they got drunk... then the spa boys were mean.. and rubbing the thigh of the drunk wpst intern on the limo ride back.. while she pulled chicken wings out of her purse, yes a black women pulling chicken wings out of her purse.. I can't make this shit u. While she talked about having a threesome with the two brothers at the Ménage à -Spa.

So overall interesting night.. no love connection.. the only guy who likes me was the 40 year old weatherman.. but i decided to just go home alone..

I forgot to mention the best part of the night... I was at the bar talking to two random guys when one of them hit the top of my glass bottle with his.. well we all know what happens when someone does that.. you have to chug fast before the beer foams everywhere.. well I was trying to be smart and I thought hey I will just cover the top of my beer with my thumb.... well... it was like i won the lottery.. or just goit married... beer is spraying everywhere.. across the bar on the celling.. on other people.. and I just have the holy shit face, that didn't just happen look. It was priceless.


So I decided to see the poker player.. Half because I liked the attention of tons of text and half because fighter stopped calling. Guess he wasn't as into me as I thought. I think his problems got to much to handle and he moved. Anyway back to poker.. so he is a nice guy..but he sure is unstable and unsure of what he wants. We seem to break up like every other week. Some sentences he is wanting me to move in other sentences he doesn't see us together. He isn't sure what he is feeling for me. Its really hard always hearing I just don't know if i'm into you.. Sandy had a book once it said get out. Its hard though when you actually like the person. I find myself hoping that if I try a little harder or if I dye my hair. We had another fight today and I think we broke up again.. Its so hard because I really like him and I really don't want to be alone again.

Fight for my love!!

So on-line dating well I thought I wouldn't meet anyone off the dating site.. Had like 22 dates.. didn't think it was possible to like any of the losers. Now though.. I'm stuck. I started see this one guy, the fighter more. The more I see him the more I like him and he likes me. He is like a hurt puppy and every time I hang out with him I learn more of his sad past and I like him more. He is starting to like me to the point that I don't think he wants me seeing other people. Four days ago, I went on a date with a poker player. We have hung out 2 times in four days and he really really really likes me.. and wants me to only see him. I can't choose. I like both guys... They both have issue and that is why I'm scared to like them. Then they both have things that make me want to connect with them. The poker player is sick. He has lupus which is a disease that attacks everything in his body. He has already had heart surgery's, lost a kidney and other problems. Do I really want to start really liking someone who is so sick? Then there is the fighter and yes.. I saw him with his shirt off.. its all good. Physically he is my type smallest waist ever, gorgeous body which he hides because he is self-conscious, punk style.. why am I scared to like him well.. because of his horrible past. He doesn't really know how to love or feel love...I don't think he is able to really connect and open up, letting the walls come down. Poker guy calls and texts non-stop.. totally hot.. Fighter and I don't talk on the phone at all... I don't know..

So the problem is I don't know who I like and in the process I'm going to hurt both guys.. What do I do?? Both want to only be seeing me?? Both are great in their own ways?? Who do I pick?? I don't want to keep this going for to long because both seem to really like me.. Someone HELP!!!

Update of Fire Date

Okay so we were suppose to hang out again Sunday. Friday no call to discuss, Saturday nothing, Sunday I call and email him... 3 in the afternoon he calls with some crazy story of getting beat up the night before because some guy on drugs thought he was stealing his car. His story stated he went to grab for his knife in the backseat and it wasn't there so he couldn't defend himself.. So basically he was trying to make it my fault he couldn't see me because he got beat up. Anyway, Sandy the smart girl she is goes that is a huge lie.. So anyway I decide to email him today to see how he is... say hi. The jerk deleted my email without reading it.. Needless to say I deleted his number. Another date turned bad.. hahahh

The fire is HERE!!

Okay so I had my first online date that actually went amazing.. The guy is the hottest firefighter ever with a six pack and what makes him cuter.. He loves LOVES animals. Alright so that includes him going on alligator stake outs and having snakes but whatever.. IT'S CUTE, I tell you... Anyway, things didn't start off so well.. He asked if he should drive and jokingly I said well do you have a gun or knives in your car. He laughs looks in his backseat and he has a knife and duck tape.. I'm like.. OH SHIT.. He wants to kill me. I tell him to put them in the trunk. He informs me they were from the alligator stakeout. We talk more.. then I decide to get in the car with him. We have dinner.. He explains how driving in NJ is crazy because everyone goes through yellow and red lights. I laugh because its so true! For some odd reason he thinks the lights in ruby Tuesday are nice and wants to know if you can buy them.. I look at him like he is crazy. So we make a bet.. Of course I lose so I have to take him to some kind of park and pay for him.. I was thinking wait this means I get a second date.. Wait I won!!!! hahah We left and went to garden but it was dark so it was really just us walking, talking and him teaching me about vegetables and sniffing all sorts of herbs. I know what your thinking but it was fun, even in the dark. So everyone knows me seize the day tracy.. takes the opportunity to kiss him when we get back in the car. All I keep thinking is man he must think this is easy he didn't even have to pull the knife out and we are making out.. hahah Anyway, he drops me off at my car.. another long kiss of course and we part. I get a call an hour and a half later with him telling me he is home. Aww.. somehow when are we hanging out to go to the park comes up.. He goes how about Sunday? I'm like when?? He says you know Sunday, Domingo.. I'm like this sunday, three days away!! YAY he likes me and wants to see me that soon. So first online date going very well.. yay!! maybe this stuff does work, now I need to move him to jersey.. haha


So Sandy was having a party for her friends who are getting married. She invited some of my friends and then I invited some of them thinking it would be more fun. Well it was crazy.. let me explain. Party starts at 9:30.. most people get there at 11. By 10:30 I'm already carrying someone to the couch where they are kicking and wining like a 5 year old with a tantrum. Then they realize we are video taping it so the girl starts touching her boobs and showing them off a little for the camera. Great video by the way Sandy. Then at 3:30 I think its safe to go to sleep. This is when all the fun starts. I get woken up by a guy going to beat up a handicap cripple because 5 years before he kissed the guys now girlfriend. Then the crazy guy starts braking stuff and pushing his girlfriend. I wake up and start screaming at him to stop pushing his girl and breaking things. I calm him down and leave him with a friend.... Well his girlfriend comes back up and a few mins later I hear a loud noise.. He tore the door off the hinge's and its just laying down on the floor with pieces of molding and door frame on the ground. I then hear yelling down stair. Another girl is flipping out because the guy she was flirting with moved onto another girl while she was in the bathroom.. I just go back to bed. I wake up the next morning at 8 after finally being able to sleep at 5:30 to loudness again whistles being blown, porch furniture begin kicked over... people drinking rum from the bottle on the porch. Sandy kicks the groom and the handicap out of the house and tells them to walk off their liquor.. in hopes they will be quieter when they returned.. Well we look down the street and 2 cops cars are giving them a sobriety test. Which of course they didn't pass and they got tickets for public drunkenness. How do they respond to that? They come back to the house and chug from the bottle more.. Everyone leaves. I am so happy I think the drama is over. NOOOOO I get 100 calls.. and I stop ignoring them. Finally at 9 at night I start returning the annoying peoples calls.. Well someone everyone thinks I started a rumor about 2 people at the party making out.. and I started a rumor about the drunk girl screaming at the guy for leaving her for another girl during the party. Well the first one.. I had nothing to do with but the second one.. crazy girl just because you were so drunk you can't remember things doesn't mean it didn't happen. If you so mad you can't remember don't drink like a fish.. Its not a rumor its true. So ... main point of the story if anyone wants to go for a drink with me... it will be coffee. I can't deal with drunk people and their drama.

ohhh good eggs

So went to esconditos to do a little singing. I knew about half the place at least. My friends are all good eggs. Now on with the story. My friend Dunnit the Butler aka John hooked up in the past with another one of my friends jenny bounce bounce. So they are both together at the same table and all of a sudden bounce bounce tells me how cute she is and how she wants to be single for the night. Dunnit and Bounce Bounce sing together, drink together, share a seat together.. ohh she wants to be a good egg again. Eric the bisexual is now talking to Joe.. oh don't worry Joe said his girlfriend broke up with him that morning.. sure go to the car with him...Then my friend "Name less" wants to talk to this guy that looks like tom cruise but she is to scared. I talk to him and his friends then introduce her. They hardly talk but I see the guys about to leave so I tell him to get her number. Not 5 mins later he is calling her asking for her to come over... Oh please we all know what is expected being a good egg. So in my own tricky way I keep pretending to not know where they live.. driving in parking lots.. just circling around and then stopping at dunkin doughnuts where i already told my friends I would meet them.. after pretending to find the guys condos.. haha I'm not making "Name less" a good egg just to hear her cry about it later and I'm not staying up when I have to work tomorrow so "Name less" can be a good egg. What about me you say? Well I saw a darker man that I called Bow wow all night.. yes smart people he looked like the rapper little bow wow.. yes he fell in love with me so when he asked for my number over and over.. I would run and grab a microphone and start singing with friends. I know smooth way of saying no bow wow.